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    Item:  Pureline Snoreclipse Anti-Snoring Solution Device
    SKU#: L310991
    Category: Accessories
    Gift/Travel Sets/Kits
    Personal Care/Beauty
    Mfr/Brand: Pureline Oralcare/Tongue Cleaner Co
    Description:  About Snoring
    Snoring is a widespread problem that reportedly affects a large portion of the world's population. In many cases, snoring occurs when the throat constricts due to labored breathing through the mouth. This constriction causes the soft tissue in the throat to vibrate, which results in snoring. There are a number of negative effects that result from snoring, including the annoyance for those who are exposed to it as well as a number of potential health issues.A lack of restful sleep can cause irritability, memory loss and fatigue, which can lead to dangerous situations at home, in the workplace or even on the road. Richard L. Gelula, executive director of the National Sleep Foundation, cautions that "driving while feeling drowsy or fatigued is a lethal combination and is no less an impairment than driving while drunk." Additionally, over prolonged periods of time, snoring can also contribute to the development of medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure. Your health is your greatest asset.

    Snoreclipse Solution - How it works
    Snoreclipse contains rare earth magnets that were carefully designed to apply a constant, gentle pressure on the nasal septum. This pressure increases circulation and results in the opening of the nasal passages. The opening of the nasal passages encourages relaxed breathing through the nose, which prevents snoring. Retraining the body to breathe through the nose in a calm, relaxed way is objective.We encounter many stressful things in life and this stress can alter our breathing patterns. For example, when people become upset or angry they often become physically tense and restrict their breathing. Retraining the body to re-establish calm, relaxed breathing through the nose not only helps prevent snoring, it can also contribute to an overall reduction in stress. Breathing correctly is the key to relaxation and is widely associated with reducing tension.

    How to use
    Before going to bed, place Snoreclipse over the nasal septum. It can be helpful to wear it for a short while before going to bed to allow the body to respond to the stimulus. Snoreclipse is very discreet, and can also be used while walking or doing mild exercise for enhanced breathing.

    Snoreclipse has several unique advantages over other snoring products on the market. We rely on magnets to apply pressure on the septum. This allows Snoreclipse to be constructed from an FDA approved biocompatible material that is very soft and comfortable to wear. Snoreclipse is a medical grade product that will not lose effectiveness over time and is non-disposable. It comes with a one year warranty for quality and workmanship. Rather than opening the nasal passages manually with disposable adhesive strips, Snoreclipse works with the bodies own system to help establish a calm, relaxed breathing pattern. No drugs, sprays, adhesive strips or hard uncomfortable plastic clips. Make Snoreclipse the snorting solution for you or your loved ones and see what a difference quality sleep can make.

    "...After 15 years of marriage, I can finally sleep in the same room as my wife."
    D. Peterson, St Paul, MN

    "I never realized how much snoring affected my sleep until I tried Snoreclips and woke up feeling more rested than I have in years."
    Will T., Gilroy, CA

    "...Snoreclipse is so small I can comfortably wear it through the night. Plus I love the pretty case."
    T. Chandler, Hartford, CT

    "Now my husband and I both sleep through the night thanks to Snoreclipse."
    Pat S., Chicago, IL

    The small solution to a big problem Snoreclipse is our solution for the millions of people who suffer from snoring problems. This product is guaranteed for quality and workmanship. Make Snoreclipse the snoring solution for you or your loved on and see what a difference quality sleep can make.

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