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    Item:  Quantum-Rx Intestinal Nano-Detox™ Liquid 8 fl oz/240 ml
    SKU#: PR2344
    Category: Supplements
    Mfr/Brand: Quantum Nutrition Labs
    Description:  Quantum State Gastrointestinal and Blood Support

    Quantum State gastrointestinal support, including stomach, intestines, liver and digestion. Contains chalcones, special phytonutrients for immune system support and DNA rejuvenation* Rich in chlorophyll, natural vitamin B12 and selenium, key factors for blood, memory and Nerves*

    Preserved with premium Grade, certified organic alcohol (no pesticides or heavy metals)

    What is a “nanized” herbal preparation? The word “nano” means very, very small. A “nanized” prepara­tion contains premier quality herbs which have been “nanized” or pre-digested into very, very small particles which makes them extremely bio-available. Even those with poor digestion can rapidly absorb the “nanized” phytonutrients of the herbal complexes because they are so readily assimiable. The Nano-Detox™ preparations really demonstrate the power of the old saying, it’s not what you take, but what you absorb that makes the difference.

    What is the Nanization Process? The herbal complexes in the Nano-Detox™ preparations have gone through a proprietary process to break down their com­ponents into “nanized” phytonutrients. This means that the herbal complex has been micro-digested into extremely small, highly bio-available particles using our special fermentation process. We use unique, potent multi-strain probiotic colonies to as­sist in our “nanization” process. This allows rapid, unmatched bio-available cellular delivery of the herbal complex’s healing factors, unlike any other product.

    Most people can feel the effect of these products the first time they take them. Top grade, organic alcohol is nature’s perfect preservative. Its indigenous vasodilative properties function as a perfect transporter of our super-nanized phytonutrients into the blood to deliver almost immediate uptake, unparalleled by ordinary supplements.

    For centuries, Oriental Medicine has known that nutrients preserved in alcohol directly target the liver, getting a faster, deeper response than when no alcohol is used. Preparations preserved with alcohol have been used effectively for centuries. In contrast, Preparations made with a glycerin base cannot deliver the same effect as Preparations with an alcohol media. In addition, over time, nutrients degrade in the glycerine, slowly losing their potency.

    Only the Best. We use only South American, organic alcohol, free of pesticides and chemotoxins. (Avoid preparations with American alcohol since they are typically contaminated with chemotoxins.)

    Want to avoid alcohol? In a typical dose (½ teaspoon) of a “nano” product, you receive about 1/90 of an ounce of alcohol. For those who want to avoid alcohol but still get the full benefits of the preparation, simply place a dose of the preparation (usually ½ teaspoon) in a cup and add ½ cup of very warm water (not so hot it would burn your finger). Wait for 5 or 10 minutes for the alcohol to gas off. (Alcohol boils at 172O F. [or 78.5O C.] and will gas off at temperatures below boiling.)

    Supplement facts
    Serving Size: ½ teaspoon (25ml)
    Servings per container: 94
    Proprietary Blend………………..25ml
    Nanized Chlorella (broken cell wall), Ashitaba(whole), Noni (fruit, seed), Hyssop(aerial), Cats Claw (root bark), Turmeric, Fennel Seed, Cascara Sagrada bark, Senna Leaf, Thyme, Black Seed (nigella Sat.) Beneficial probiotic Complex.
    Other ingredients: Purified water, organic Alcohol.

    Recommended Use. Adults or children (age 4 and up): take ½ teaspoon mixed in water, 2 times daily.

    10 Supplement Secrets You Should Know. (New window will appear from mfr)
    Not all supplements are created equal--Learn About the Quantum Energy Effect. (New window will appear)
    • Quantum Nutrition Labs is known internationally as the pre-eminent manufacturer of excipient-free, quality nutraceutical formulations, super food concentrates and the world's first producer of quantum cellular resonance products that are capable of restoring quantum coherence to the body's inherent biofield. Fully functional coherence of the biofield is the new and most comprehensive definition of anti-aging therapy, born out of quantum physics.
    • Company Profile/More Info (New window will appear; from mfr)
    Founder of Premier Research Labs/Quantum Nutrition Labs, Dr. Robert Marshall is a certified, internationally trained clinical nutritionist, past president of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, member of the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. He is the host of HealthLine, a radio broadcast aired continuously since 1986 and the author of many research papers and articles. Dr. Bob Marshall has operated one of the largest chronic illness practices in Southern California for many years. Currently his main activities include overseeing Quantum Nutrition Labs' manufacturing, as well as writing and teaching professional seminars.
    • Listen to Dr. Bob Marshall, live on the HealthLine radio show Monday-Saturday with live Q & A. Visit Healthline for more info. (New window will appear)
    * FDA Disclaimer

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